Roger Mumm caught too many fish. From the frigid Alaskan waters of Bristol Bay, he pulled more than 6,000 pounds of salmon. Mumm—whose frosted tips and perma-tan make him look more like a surfer than a fisherman—came up with a way to unload his catch and pay for his trip. In January, he rented a trailer and opened Salmon Fusion food cart.

Mumm likes to bait his hook with samples of his chowder. This thick, creamy and subtly sweet chowder is swimming with salmon, ensuring a fishy flavor comes through the creamy broth. It'll have you seriously considering the full serving ($7.50), which comes in a toasted bread bowl.

Given the success of his trip, Mumm can afford to be generous with his catch. Every offering includes a large portion of tender, flaky and moist smoked salmon. If you're trawling for a big piece of fish, the sliders ($7.50) are your best option. Mumm also serves up a rich jambalaya pot pie ($7.50) with a spicy kick, in a heavy pastry crust. Many dishes are served with a sweet fruit-infused Hawaiian coleslaw, his mother's recipe, and bland, utilitarian saffron rice. These are not the shiniest lures in his tackle box.

For dessert, Salmon Fusion offers white and dark chocolate salmon ($4). Don't be scared by the description. Although experiments showed he could get chocolate to adhere to cooked salmon, Mumm sticks to a simple chocolate bar—in the shape of a salmon.

  • Order this: Salmon chowder ($7.50).
  • Best deal: The sliders are very filling for the price.
  • I’ll pass: Avoid the rice and leave yourself more room for the main dishes.

EAT: Salmon Fusion, Southwest 3rd Avenue between Stark and Washington streets. 10 am-4 pm daily.