[SIREN SONGS] After several years in the making, the surrealist pop duo Lost Lockets has finally immortalized a collection of its finest tunes to wax. It's never been easy to describe Lost Lockets, in part because of the heavy performance art/burlesque nature of the group's shows. But albums strip away the parlour magic and the plastic flowers and dance routines, leaving the listener to use his or her imagination in conjunction with the music.

Love Not Fear comprises eight songs, just shy of 30 minutes. The through line on this album is Kaetlin Kennedy's sultry, soulful voice, often used to gospel effect. Her fingers dance on the Wurlitzer for the benefit of kites and sensitive humans alike. As always, her perfect vocal and instrumental foil is found in Fiona Petra, who provides harmonies, squeals, screams and lovely violin throughout the album.

Together, the Lost Lockets channel David Lynch's vibe and themes. "Love Not Fear" is a Twin Peaks quote, and side two of the album kicks off with a song called—drumroll please—"Twin Peaks," which coasts on a misty bed of strings and piano. The rest of the record shimmies and waltzes, lithely escaping like two little Houdinis from Portland's normal rock and indie shackles. Other moods and outer limits abound. "Love You Save" is perfect for sipping mint juleps on a summer evening. There are strains of The Virgin Suicides soundtrack, modern classical string arrangements that would tickle George Martin, and plenty of haunting romantic notions. Lost Lockets lie somewhere between Mothra's tiny Shobijin girls and a '50s girl group that got lost in The Twilight Zone.

Fans of Nick Cave, murder ballads, Kate Bush, the O Brother, Where Art Thou? soundtrack, gospel hymns and midgets talking backward would do well to keep these Lockets close to their breasts and hearts.

SEE IT: Lost Lockets play Rotture, 315 SE 3rd Ave., on Tuesday, June 19. 9 pm. $5. 21+. See listings for show details.