The MC Hammer card is a good omen. Hanging at Coalition Brewing (2724 SE Ankeny St., 894-8080,, it shows MC at his peak, gold harem pants in full flutter. He is untouchable by U, me or anyone else at this cozy tasting room. I had the exact same card as a child; some kismet is at work here. Unfortunately, my growler is dirty. "Oh, I can clean that." I'd love to taste the porter. "Great, and here, try the hefe, too—it's fresh." I try to Shazam the song playing on the stereo above the din of a crowd that's filled every seat inside and out, most people chatting and one table of guys watching an NBA playoff game on their laptop. "Brother Ali is what you're looking for," says the bartender. The bill doesn't look right. "Oh, Wednesdays are $2.50 pint night. You picked the right time to come.” Stop, so this is Hammertime?