I think the R should stand for Resolutions ["A is for Adams," WW, July 18, 2012]. Mayor [Sam] Adams sponsored a resolution declaring the city's support for a U.S. constitutional amendment to establish that corporations are not people and that money does not equal speech. The resolution was passed unanimously by the Portland City Council last January. Then in June, Adams proposed a similar resolution to the U.S. Conference of Mayors that was also passed unanimously.

These resolutions are essential in building support for a constitutional amendment. The U.S. Supreme Court has steadily wrecked our democracy with decisions bestowing constitutional rights on corporations and allowing unlimited spending to influence elections. The money pouring into the 2012 elections is obscene. Without a constitutional amendment, we will continue to be stuck with a corrupt and dysfunctional government that is incapable of solving any of this country's growing problems. Therefore, we must start demanding that all elected officials and candidates are as committed to this issue as Adams has proven to be.

Neil Johnson
Northeast Portland

I think we will be hard-pressed to find a more engaged, competent and hardworking mayor as Sam Adams. Especially following "do-nothing" [Tom] Potter. Our current candidates can only hope to aspire to the level of work and commitment that Adams has set as his standard operating procedure for the past three years.

—"Scott Osburne"

Sam [Adams] was/is as savvy and intelligent and creative a mayor as you are going to find anywhere. He made some mistakes at the beginning of his term that cost him deeply and hampered his administration, but Portland is a better place as a result of his hard work.

I think WW did a good job with this article, and I, for one, wish we could have gotten another four years' worth of Sam Adams.

—"Sean Cruz"

He is still the worst mayor of the last 35 years.

—"Tony Columbo"


[Charlie] Hales is a true politician and bureaucrat ["Charlie's Fee Fall," WW, July 18, 2012]. He'll say whatever it takes to get attention and votes, then do his own thing.

Maybe that's not a horrible thing, and maybe he would make a decent mayor, but I am sick of the same old political BS.  

[Jefferson] Smith at least seems to be true to what he says. He has reasons for his arguments that go beyond just getting votes. I'll vote for someone telling me the truth over [someone] telling me what I want to hear every time.


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