London, 1979.

Sounds like: For those age 45 and above: that delirious moment of pop history when unprecedented racial, sexual and intellectual freedoms glimpsed a better world through spiking keyboard riffs, funked-up bass lines and textually complicated lyricism delivered through anthemic-snotty professorial chic. For those age 35 to 45: early MTV from one of those less pretty Brit bands that supposedly had more hits across the pond you always planned to check out. For those age 22 to 34: Phoenix. For those under 21: proms, junior proms, prom weekends that your mom is dragged off to every summer, prom bars, prom cruises.

Latest release: Beautiful Friction, the band's just-released 10th album, reflects a group that's stayed admirably close—how awful to be thought the world over a one-hit wonder despite evident talents—but, best intentions aside, too many cavalcades aside J. Geils take their toll.

For fans of: Hits-of-the-'80s compilations.

Why you care: This shan't likely be your last chance to see the Fixx, and moreover, we're not sure you could even tell "One Thing Leads to Another" from the dozens of other soundtrack fillers. But there won't always be an independent music retailer hosting free showcases, and it's frankly amazing that the former stadium headliners are stopping by Terry Currier's record shop to play a song or two. 

SEE IT: The Fixx plays Music Millennium, 3158 E Burnside St., on Tuesday, Aug. 7. 7 pm. Free. All ages. Purchase a copy of Beautiful Friction at Music Millennium for guaranteed admission.