I am an alumnus of Lewis & Clark Law School and a victim of child molestation ["Barred," WW, Aug. 22, 2012].

What [Aaron L. Munter] did was horrible and he deserved to be punished. I am concerned that he had that much child porn on his computer—this screams pedophile. However, it is worth acknowledging that he did not sodomize or otherwise physically assault this minor; "just" exposed him to porn. Again, while still terrible, not all child molestations are the same.

Still, I do not believe he should be re-admitted [to law school]. Attending law school is a privilege, as is practicing law. Part of attaining that privilege is adhering to a higher than normal ethical standard. His actions substantially breach that standard.

—"Learned Hand"

Former criminals who have paid their debt to society are rehabilitated and deserve to be reintegrated back into society 100 percent. That's what you expect in democratic republics where there is an emphasis on freedom, equality and justice for all.

I hope Lewis & Clark Law School will allow [Munter] and other former wrongdoers in our society to have an equal opportunity. They have been restored as full citizens with full rights like everybody else.

—"Tom Madison"

Too often we condemn people for their past mistakes. I'm just glad that a well-educated white male with connections finally has the opportunity for a second chance.



I challenge anyone opposing fluoride to accompany me on a field trip to the dentist's office ["The Tooth of the Matter," WW, Aug. 22, 2012]. We will visit small children screaming in agony from having their teeth drilled. There you will have the opportunity to explain why they deserve twice as many cavities as their friends lucky enough to have fluoridated water. Any takers?


Why does fluoridated toothpaste come with the warning label "Do Not Swallow"? Because fluoride is poisonous and if you swallow your toothpaste, the fluoride will quickly start causing you problems. If you are a fan of fluoridated water, just start swallowing your toothpaste daily and that should get you more than enough fluoride. I want my water clean and free of industrial waste.

—"Victor Schauberger"


This article ["Slow Ride" WW, Aug. 22, 2012] conflates two very different things—trip time and headways. We don't have the budget to run as many trains as we would like, so the headway—the time between trains—is longer than we would like. But the trip time—how long it takes to get from OMSI to PSU—is not related to the operating budget, but to signal design and timing. Experience suggests many riders are quite satisfied with the rate at which the streetcar moves.

—"Chris Smith"

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