Just a stone's throw from Wonder Ballroom, Tavin's Pub (102 NE Russell St., 719-4890, tavinspub.com) is your classic pre-game bar. The interior is clean. TV sets, including a big projector, are split between ESPN and a Seattle Mariners game. A nice set of taps graces the bar, though—oddly—Eugene handles outnumber ones from Portland. People are the only thing missing. "It usually depends on what's going on at the Ballroom," a server admits. This Friday must be unbooked. Half the people here—meaning five—ramble on about working at one of the restaurants that occupied this spot in recent years. Just as the drunklings' stories begin to get interesting, it's closing time. That's 11 pm. No, Tavin's is not a post-show hangout. Check back at breakfast, starting at 8 am, when you've got a hangover from a long night at a more interesting place.