Tucked away in a nondescript storefront in Montavilla, Beer Bunker (7918 SE Stark St., 254-8200) is a neighborhood hangout as much as it's a bottle shop. Antique beer cans sit on the shelves and hang from the ceiling, serving as lampshades, above mismatched and durable furnishings. On a Tuesday, the Bunker is filled with several small groups, a couple on a date, and a large party celebrating something. Everyone seems relaxed, here to unwind by sipping a beer on a metal stool atop a concrete floor. With 12 rotating taps and three glass sizes ranging from the 5-ounce "shorty" to a full pint, there are options. Four tasters run $5, and there are more than 100 bottled beers cooling in the glass cases around back—mostly from Oregon, with a smattering of imports and ciders. You could grab those bottles to go, but what's the hurry?