The ninth annual Jackpot Records Film and Music Festival kicks off with two blasts of deafening noise from opposite ends of the West Coast. In Circle Jerks: My Career as a Jerk (8 pm Monday, Sept. 24), David Markey chronicles the life and times of the titular L.A. hardcore legends (pictured)—led by raging imp Keith Morris—from its early days as a band of Black Flag castoffs to the weird stretch in the '90s when the group took a shot at radio by collaborating with Debbie Gibson on a Soft Boys cover. And in I'm Now: The Story of Mudhoney (8 pm Tuesday, Sept. 25), the band most responsible for laying the groundwork for the Seattle grunge boom without reaping the commercial benefits gets its due.

  • Showing at: Bagdad Theater, through Sept. 28. See for a complete schedule.
  • Best paired with: Terminator Stout.
  • Also screening: Total Recall (Laurelhurst).