On behalf of Portland, let me just say, "You blew it!" ["Risky Business," WW, Oct. 17, 2012.] What a steaming pile of crapola. First, I am struck by the absolute laziness of this endorsement piece. Basic message—we don't give a shit. 

Are you really saying that having Laurie Monnes Anderson's opponent win and having the [state] Senate become a 15-15 chamber with Ted Ferrioli making major decisions about the future of Oregon is a good plan? 

Do we really want a Republican with zero relevant experience being in charge of the secretary of state's office? It's nice that [Knute Buehler] is possibly moderate on social issues, but last time I checked, the secretary of state had very little to do with abortion, but a lot to do with elections. 

P.S. Shawn Lindsay got schooled on redistricting, Matt Wand's big accountability bill does nothing, and Julie Parrish is simply unhinged. Sending these clowns back to Salem is a terrible idea for Portland and the state. 

But, again, what do you guys care? I've been saddened to see The Oregonian take a right-wing turn and become basically irrelevant. Too bad Willamette Week is following its footsteps into irrelevancy. Perhaps you were once an opinion leader in Portland, but no more.


Thanks for your very thoughtful endorsement of the Library District. For me, it's not just about supporting the libraries that enrich us all, but to also replace the "race for the bottom" with a clear statement of hope for our collective future; voting yes for the Library District does just that.


After reading the full article, I felt sad. It is disappointing to read that the best our political process can produce is a serious mayoral candidate who appears to be subjecting himself to self-implosion, a library measure that seems to add additional funding to an already expensive per-capita operation without any substantial and independent oversight, [and] comments about a spendthrift city fire department and a tone-deaf, Taser-happy city police department.... And you wonder why people become disengaged.


Is it too obvious to write in Eileen Brady? ["Dr. Know," WW, Oct. 17, 2012.] She captured nearly as many votes in the primary as Charlie [Hales] or Jefferson [Smith], and the only dirt they could dig up on her kind of seems irrelevant now given the way things have gone since then. Her views sound pretty refreshing to me when I consider the official alternatives.... I think Eileen is the only write-in candidate who could possibly win. But it will require that she step up and run an active write-in campaign. Come on, Eileen!

—"Sattie Clark"


Last week's explanation of Measure 84 mischaracterized a $7.5 million estate tax benefit for natural resource properties. Qualified estates may claim a credit against taxes, not an exemption. WW regrets the error.  

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