Califone, Quicksand/Cradlesnakes (2003)

Not only a Thrill Jockey fave, but one of the best bands of the past decade, in my opinion. These dudes mix gorgeous folk melodies with out-there noise like no other.


Barn Owl, Ancestral Star (2010)
Beautiful, post-midnight electric-guitar playing. Real dark and shimmery stuff, perfect for losing oneself in.

Fred Anderson & Hamid Drake, Back Together Again (2004)
The great thing about Thrill Jockey is the diversity of its catalog, and this album really proves the point. Anderson was one of the last great tenor sax players of his generation, with a big, bluesy tone and swinging sense of rhythm. And Hamid Drake is simply one of the most badass drummers, hard-hitting and endlessly groovy.

Jack Rose, Luck in the Valley (2010)
The evolution of Jack’s playing—from long-form drone in Pelt to the old-timey picking of his final days—is both fascinating and a testament to his incredible vision as a musician. His final album just might be his best.


A Minor Forest, Flemish Altruism (1996)
Killer album from the early days, a real post-hardcore classic. Totally original writing, brutal intensity and dark, weirdo vibes. Their show at Satyricon after this came out is one of the most memorable live experiences I’ve ever seen. 


HEAR IT: Eternal Tapestry’s A World Out of Time will be released Tuesday, Nov. 13, on Thrill Jockey Records.