Willamette Week

used to be my go-to paper [

]. Bold and interesting. And then you went mainstream. Boring and sensationalist. As

fades into the distance, you'll take its place as the paper of fluff and smear.

You used to look inward at Portland to examine the stories that are important specifically to us. But you've been looking outward at what's interesting in a more generic way, like your coverage of the Occupy movement. It was limited in scope to how only a national media outlet would examine it, not a marginalized local paper that benefits a great deal from such movements.

And really, why Charlie [Hales]? 

Portland deserves a better paper.


WW's endorsement of Charlie Hales and wholesale participation in the smear campaign against Jefferson Smith definitely makes me question my readership loyalty.

—"Michael Murray"

WW is a good news source, for the most part.... But the website interface and design needs a revamp as people are going online more and more for their news. I'm not sure what it is, but I do not like...the sliding news bar at the top and the fairly cluttered design.

Maybe this is something to consider as WW becomes an "alternative mainstream" Portland news source, something it has proved to be these last few years.



I have been a transit rider in Portland for most of the last 30 years, and I generally think TriMet does a pretty good job, given some massive structural challenges beyond its control ["Choo-Choo Changes," WW, Nov. 7, 2012]. One of those [the reporter] gestures at but doesn't really address: The agency is dependent on payroll taxes that fall during a recession.

That aside, I think there's a strong argument for Metro taking over TriMet: Their service area is basically co-extensive, and Metro's regional mission to think land use and transportation together (along with other issues) would be much better accomplished if it had the reins of the regional transit provider.

It may also help with the political accountability issue people raise—there's obviously some advantage to being governed by the Metro Council instead of a state-appointed board.



I am so stoked to see a paleo eating establishment of any sort actually exists! ["Cultured Caveman," WW, Nov. 7, 2012.] The next time I am in Portland, I will definitely stop by to grab some grub. Thanks for opening [your food cart] and offering people the chance to get real wholesome and worthwhile food on the go.


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