A great coffee issue for a great coffee city ["The Caffeinator," WW, Nov. 21, 2012]. I live in Melbourne, Australia, a city with a massive coffee (and cycling) culture. I visited Portland a few years back and it felt like I was home. Keep it happenin', you guys!


Thanks for compiling the list [of best new coffee shops]. One I feel may have been overlooked due to its non-urban location is Maplewood Coffee & Tea just west of Multnomah Village. It truly is a gem of a place, opting more for a country-esque setting rather than the urban eco-vintage style of most. On its opening weekend, it even had a petting zoo.


One of the joys of living in Portland is to enter into a new-to-me coffee shop and try a new-to-me blend of coffee from one of the many roasters here. This [issue] shows that quality coffee is available anywhere I go. Thanks for the guidance! By the bye, I find that many of the customers are as interesting as the coffee and have enjoyed great conversation along with great coffee.

—"David Browning"

Why the hell would you include non-coffee beers in a sampling of coffee beers? If you're going to expand into things that taste like they have coffee in them, there are a couple dozen other beers you could have included, many of which are better than the Fire Mountain and Full Sail beers you reviewed.



I think Barnes Ellis and Lois Rosenbaum are guilty ["Crossing the Bar," WW, Nov. 21, 2012]. They badly compromised Mark Samper by admitting to accounting fraud at the corporate level while also representing him personally.

This needs harsh treatment. I say a five-year suspension would be appropriate. Rosenbaum needs to be humbled by her misdeed. It doesn't matter to Barnes since he's retired.

—"zimmy zee"

Well, anytime the Oregon State Bar is involved, there's a question of fairness and ethicality—not on the part of the lawyers, but on the part of the bar.

You see, the OSB is in kind of an unusual position. Besides being the quasi-state agency that licenses and regulates lawyers, it also functions as their professional trade organization; so you essentially have two conflicting missions in one organization.



Last week's story "Crossing the Bar" misidentified the law firm for which Peter Glade works. It's Markowitz Herbold Glade & Mehlhaf. WW regrets the error.

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