Knothead (pictured)

This guy is ready to blow up big time. He's a heavy-metal-laced hip-hop artist with a real hardcore attitude like Tech N9ne or Insane Clown Posse. Most of his lyrics are about addiction: He's a former meth addict who's been sober for about 15 years.

This band can handle anything from really intense metal to acoustic stuff. The vocalist [James Smith] is such a mellow, down-to-earth guy that if you just met him, you wouldn’t recognize him when he gets going onstage.


Unruly Instinct
Another harder-metal band that’s done a complete 180, going through lineup changes and mix-ups. The band members have rewritten a lot of their stuff and are already blowing people’s minds.


Watching that kid [Brian Christina] evolve in his writing and his style and everything—he’s incredible. Of all the hip-hop guys I deal with, he’s definitely one of the most talented.


Dear Assassin
This is one of the first bands I worked with when I started doing promotion, and one of the few hard-rock bands that can draw huge crowds in Vancouver.  

Travis Zimmerly is a booker and promoter with the Vancouver company Vanclocal360.

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