Some of the information provided for this story ["No Inspections for Zoo Restaurants Since 2006," WW, Dec. 26, 2012] by both the zoo and Oregon Health Authority was not included.

In 2006, the Multnomah County Health Department notified the Oregon Zoo that it would no longer be inspecting zoo facilities. The county's decision was based on the attorney general's determination that government-operated food services do not meet the requirement for inspection as defined by state law.

Upon informing the zoo that it would be discontinuing inspections, the county did offer to serve as paid consultants.

Jon Kawaguchi, the Multnomah County official quoted in this article, apparently informed WW that the county offered "consultative inspections" (i.e., paid inspections) in 2006, and he seemed to recall offering them a couple years later as well. (We have tried to confirm the specifics of this conversation, but as of Dec. 28, Kawaguchi was no longer working for Multnomah County.)

Although the zoo did not choose to pay for consultative inspections, it never turned away county inspectors, and food safety inspections are conducted three times every day by zoo staff.

The implication that health department inspections would have prevented this particular outbreak has no basis in fact. Dr. Jean O'Connor, deputy director of OHA's Public Health Division, noted that while norovirus is common in the winter months, the risk at the zoo is no greater than in any other public setting.

—"Oregon Zoo"


WW food writing [is the equivalent of] Yelp reviews with proper punctuation and grammar [“The Best Thing I Ate,” WW, Dec. 26, 2012]. Bad restaurants pimped by the media because the “pimps” have no clue what they’re talking about. 


Can I encourage you to accept "eat somewhere else" as your New Year's resolution? La Sirenita sucks. Almost any taco truck would be better. La Bonita next door would be much better. My wish for the coming year is not to see bad restaurants pimped in the media, no matter the excuse.



No love for AU's amazing album Both Lights? ["Portland Exceptionalism: The Best Local Albums of 2012," WW, Dec. 26, 2012.] That was one of the best albums to come out this year regardless of the band being from Portland or not.



What about the printmakers? —"Marc" ["Best Portland Art of the Year," WW, Dec. 26, 2012.]

What about Kara Walker? —"mmm"

What about the Portland artists? —"Parker Burnmill"

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