Tina Kotek and John Kitzhaber are so clearly on the wrong side of history on this one ["Pay Up or Shut Up," WW, Jan. 23, 2012]. Neither of them can call themselves an environmentalist ever again.

This massive highway expansion is a joke and huge waste of money, not to mention the worst project for the Northwest's environment to be conceived of in years. It is so clear that the only backers of this are folks who will make money off of it (consultants) or who lack any political courage (Kotek/Kitzhaber).


I don't understand why only the proponents are allowed to conduct rebranding. Is it because the opponents are too lame? Why don't we call this what it is? The Columbia Double-Crossing.

"Mitch Gould"

An equal split on the cost, between Oregon and Washington, is not acceptable. The bridge is primarily used by people living in Vancouver and working in the Portland metro area. Funding should be 85 percent Washington's responsibility.



To measure the merit of public financing of City Council candidates, we must look at Amanda Fritz's voting record during her first four-year term ["Voter-Owned Redux," WW, Jan. 23, 2013]. Was it significantly different than the other members of the council? If so, then maybe public financing of City Council candidates deserves another look.

If not, which I believe is the case, then the experiment failed and should be left to rest in peace.

"Richard Ellmyer"

I just bought myself half a pack of gum with my 68 cents, and am now chewing it while I watch moneyed interests buy candidates.



Well he does seem promising, and the man's background can certainly be appreciated ["Hotseat: Baruti Artharee," WW, Jan. 23, 2013]. Unlike [Police Association president] Daryl Turner, let's hope Artharee doesn't forget where he came from.


I went the to Evergreen Curling Club and tried a learn-to-curl class, and it was hilarious ["Stone Cold," WW, Jan. 23, 2013]. Fun, welcoming people who love their sport and love to have a good time. This might be the only Olympic sport that I still have a chance at. They also have a great ustream.tv channel so you can watch their tournaments.


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