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IMAGE: Morgan Green-Hopkins

1. Oil Rig

Available at: Mellow Mood, 4119 SE Hawthorne Blvd., 235-7473, mellowmood.com ($1,700)

Hash oil is the new chronic—it's basically THC concentrate—and oil rigs are the new bongs. At $1,700, this piece, blown by local glass artist Blue, is meant for special occasions only, such as the birth of a firstborn child or whenever Wayne's World is on cable.

2. Golf Discs

Available at: urbagedesigns.com ($18)

No better way to spend a stony Saturday than getting your frolf on with these discs from Portland hemp-lifestyle retailer Urb-Age Designs. Except for maybe taking a four-hour nap. 

3. Footbags

Available at: fourkast.com ($5.99-$35)

Hack it up with these bags from Portland company Fourkast. Are the beans inside smokable? Only one way to find out!

4. Masala Popcorn

Available at: Multiple locations, eatmasalapop.com ($3.85)

Healthy munchies are the way to go. That way, you can eat yourself into a stupor and not feel guilty about it when you wake up.

5. Townshend's Brew Dr. Kombucha

Available at: Multiple locations, brewdrkombucha.com ($10 for growler, $6 refill)

Nectar of the gods (and trustafarians), brewed right in our backyard.

6. Matches

Available at: Presents of Mind, 3633 SE Hawthorne Blvd., 230-7740, presentsofmind.tv. ($6)

They're like tiny lighters, man! 

7. Big Dub & J. Mack, Heavily Medicated

The owners of Mack & Dub's Excellent Chicken and Waffles drop heady rhymes about the kind panacea. The follow-up, Still Medicated, is coming in April!

8. Vintage Western Graphics Black Light Poster

Available at: ebay.com (prices vary)

In the 1960s and '70s, the now-defunct Western Graphics Corp. in Eugene was the master of mind-blowing poster art. Who needs video games when you can just stare at this thing for hours?

9. Incense

Available at: Incense Magic, 120 SW Ankeny St., 225-9790 ($3.95 for the holder, 10 cents per stick)

Mom making a surprise stopover? Cover up that skunk stank with the smell of Sweet Pussy (seriously, that's the store's top-seller). She'll never know, dude!