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Following an anonymous tip about suspicious behavior of off-duty police officers, on Feb. 11 Sgt. Brian O'Naughtington enters the door beneath the glowing PPAA (Portland Police Athletic Association, 618 SE Alder Street, 235-0202) in plainclothes. Officer observes a dingy, cash-only dive bar with a pool table and a dartboard populated by three older men and manned by an older barmaid. Barmaid asks, "Can I help you?" O'Naughtington requests a beer. Barmaid responds by asking if he is a member. Confused, he responds, "Excuse me?" Barmaid moves aggressively toward O'Naughtington, motioning for him to exit and saying "goodbye." O'Naughtington asks what she means. She responds with an aggressive "goodbye" as three patrons stand with arms crossed, assuming an aggressive pose. Officer believes he observes one of the patrons smoking indoors, but is not certain he has probable cause to write a ticket. He files a report with headquarters referencing general shabbiness of tavern and possible violation of smoking ordinance. Denied entry through main door, on Feb. 12 O'Naughtington begins attempts to infiltrate the building through public rental hall. Officer calls to ask about hosting a wedding reception for himself and his partner in late June. He is promptly told they're booked up indefinitely. On Feb. 13, officer initiates stakeout. O'Naughtington observes several civilians gathering on the cigarette butt-strewn street. Friendly civilian tells him a group has rented out the large gymnasium upstairs for zydeco dancing and invites the officer in for a look. No illegal behavior is observed. Dancers are friendly and welcoming. Officer then approaches the bar to ask about joining. "It's a club for police only." Officer asks for a beer. He is told no. "Why do you think this is a bar?" asks the woman behind the bar. Officer points to neon sign hanging out front and presence of an alcohol-stocked bar. He is asked to leave. Investigation will continue.