* Since the business community has been unable to convince former Republican gubernatorial candidate Ron Saxton to run for mayor next year, the hunt is on for another moderate R--or least somebody other than the usual suspects. One name generating some excitement is Sue Hildick, 38, a former aide to Sen. Mark Hatfield and currently the head of the Oregon Red Cross. Hildick has reportedly nixed a challenge
to Congressmen David Wu, who is sitting on big bucks but hasn't ruled out a mayoral bid.

* After making a run for governor, some folks might think a spot on a local school board would be beneath them. Not Tom Cox. The fiesty Libertarian is in a three-way race for a spot on the Hillsboro School Board, where he's renewed his vow to slash the bureaucracy.

* After eight years, Danzine, a magazine written by and for strippers and sex workers, is letting the curtain fall. Under the leadership of turbo-fox Teresa Dulce, the nonprofit agency Danzine not only published the magazine but operated a secondhand clothing store (the recently closed Miss Mona's Rack), ran the Portland Bad Date Line and pioneered a needle-exchange program for prostitutes. The exchange program and hotline will go on, and Danzine is planning to celebrate its demise with a blowout on Saturday, June 14, at the Seven Seas, 205 NW 4th Ave., with a performance by Storm and the Balls. Tickets are on a sliding scale, starting at $10. "Bring your ones, bring your checkbook," says Dulce, a girl who knows how to throw a party.

* Paris, New York...Lake Oswego? The home of local couture wunderkind Michelle DeCourcy has been on the map ever since Norah Jones wore one of her slinky black numbers to the Grammys. Now DeCourcy's flirty fashions may be featured in the final season of that saga of the well-heeled, Sex and the City. So much for grunge; we feel like a cocktail.

* Multnomah County Senior Deputy District Attorney John Bradley set off the gossip alarms last week when, after 31 years on the job, he abruptly announced his resignation. Both he and his boss, Mike Schrunk, however, say there's no scandal--not even a disagreement--behind the move. "I wanted my summer off," says Bradley, 57, who plans to travel and spend time with his two kids. Don't be surprised, however, if the dapper dresser someday returns to public life. Many suspect he'll take a run at the state Court of Appeals or Supreme Court.

* More bar talk.... Last week, U.S. Attorney Mike Mosman learned that Sen. Ron Wyden won't oppose his nomination to be a federal judge. That's good news for his assistant, Karin Immergut, a former Multnomah County deputy district attorney who is his almost-certain replacement to be the top federal prosecutor in Oregon. Immergut, a former Democrat who enjoys bipartisan support, was known locally as a hard-driving but ethical prosecutor; she reportedly has already passed her FBI background check and is rarin' to go.