I enjoyed your article about Kutless ["Jesus Freaks," WW, Feb. 27, 2013]. I'm a Christian, but not one of those Christians. I have heard of Kutless, but only because they sell their CDs at Fred Meyer.

I did a quick YouTube search on the artists listed for the [March 1] show. Kutless sound like every other band that's trying to sound like Pantera (this is what people generally mean when they say "hard rock" nowadays). Jeremy Camp is a soft balladeer in the manner of John Mayer et al. MercyMe is typical of the soft-rock rubbish that people are referring to when they say "Christian rock." Tedashii is a rapper; his songs are good and very catchy, and the video I watched has great dance moves. I really like his music, and I say that as someone who does not consider himself a hip-hop fan.

Yes, I know it isn't cool to be a Christian here in Puddletown. Kutless, however, wouldn't be considered cool here regardless of their lyrical content.... One of the problems with mainstream Christianity in this country is that it's made mediocrity into a virtue. When I think about Christian music, I think Bach; when I think about Christian rock, I think Stryper.

Isaac Hudson
Southeast Portland


Isn't this Oregon? ["The Woman Behind the Bridge," WW, Feb. 27, 2013]—a state widely considered to be the most sustainable and progressive in the nation, teeming with trees and hippies and salmon? Not anymore, there's a new sheriff in town.

Oregon's reputation as a Green stronghold is being seriously threatened by some otherwise fairly blue Democrats pulling the jobs card to endorse every bad policy that comes their way.

—"Hart Noecker"

"If it's bad advice and a bad project," [Alan] Rosenthal says, "Gov. Kitzhaber will have a political price to pay." Uhhh, yeah, there's another price to be paid in addition to that...like taxpayers' dollars!



I recently read your review of the play Bill W. and Dr. Bob [WW, Feb. 27, 2013]. This is not a great theatrical piece, as it is just a biographical treatment. But because of your review, people not attending this play [does] a disservice to the community. These two gentlemen, who founded AA over 75 years ago, have saved millions of lives. I am sorry you feel this way about what these men accomplished.

Bob Lemon


In last week's story "The Woman Behind the Bridge," we incorrectly identified the job title of Tom Imeson. He is the Port of Portland's director of public affairs. We also incorrectly reported that he directed the transition team of Gov. Barbara Roberts. WW regrets the errors. 

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