Beat Down

A runaway teen squeezes into scintillating pink spandex as she follows her wrestling dream. Deanne Foley's film congenially captures showy wrestling, pubescent awkwardness and familial struggles.

Unfit: Ward vs. Ward

It's lesbian vs. murderer in this documentary about a 1995 custody battle. Mary Ward, an out lesbian, was ruled more unfit for parenthood than her ex-husband, who served nine years for murdering his previous wife. The film is a dramatic journey through family testimony and legal proceedings.

Rock N Roll Mamas

For better or worse, rock stars procreate, too. Portland director Jackie Weissman's "mamafesto" follows the likes of Zia McCabe of the Dandy Warhols and Kristin Hersh of Throwing Muses through six years of juggling babies and guitars. Rest easy: No feuding Osbournes here.


There's nothing like an RV, a pot-smoking mom and two foulmouthed young girls to lift your spirits. Toby Poser's romp of a dramedy makes you long for a family road trip with such heart.

We Women Warriors

In this raw documentary, Colombian widows and wives weave their way through massacres and social unrest—literally, as they make yarn and bags to support themselves. The film successfully dodges bleeding-heart narrative, trading panache for sincerity and occasional gore.

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