"This is a picture from the end of our first-ever West Coast tour. We were so excited for this one. We had played absolutely empty venues in California prior to this. We drove from San Francisco the night before. Curt [Kentner] at Magic Marker [Records] got us an opening spot for the Minders. I loved the Minders ever since I saw them open for Elliott Smith on the Figure 8 tour. The Towne Lounge was sold out, and I think it was pretty hot outside, too. When we started to play, I looked out and saw Janet Weiss nodding her head along. My mind was blown. This type of mind-blowing musical idol-spotting has become a tradition for Boat. We have looked out and seen Britt Daniel and Doug Martsch, and once, Sarah Silverman even was at a show (NYC's Cake Shop—she was only there to eat cake). These idols have yet to stick around until the end of a show, but Janet Weiss did stick around—even if it was to see her friends in the Minders."

—David Crane, Boat singer-guitarist

SEE IT: Boat plays Mississippi Studios, 3939 N Mississippi Ave., with Aqueduct, on Saturday, March 16. 9 pm. $12. 21+.