Are you fit for membership to the White Owl Social Club (1305 SE 8th Ave., 236-9672, According to Club propaganda, a $25 fee and pledging your soul to "Ye Olde Serpent of the Bottomless Pit" gets you a membership card and a few drink tokens. No membership is required to stop in for a drink, but a taste for Metallica and local liquor helps. Essentially a large-scale spinoff of the studded and shredded Sizzle Pie late-night pizzeria, the White Owl occupies a large space in industrial inner Southeast. There aren't any neighbors to disturb, which is good because the music is loud and the crowd favors nicotine and leather. A restaurant-like indoor section, where we got $5 pints and a disappointing salmon burger, has nothing novel to offer. But a massive patio packed with picnic tables, projectors and an old pickup truck hauling a few kegs shows promise come summer.