The Dude’s only connection to the music industry was as a Metallica roadie on the Speed of Sound tour.

The band was, he informs us, a bunch of assholes.

The Abiders, the Jeff Bridges band that comes to the Aladdin this week, is not named for Bridges' most musical role (Crazy Heart), first Oscar nomination (The Last Picture Show) or highest-grossing flick (Iron Man) but for a 1998 flop that makes use of so very few of his acting skills.

Surely, this lion of American cinema could come up with a better band name from his massive oeuvre. We decided to do that for him. And we've made it interactive. Below is a list of better Bridges band names and their corresponding movie inspirations. Print out this page and draw lines to match them up! You can check your answers online here.

SEE IT: Jeff Bridges & the Abiders play the Aladdin Theater, 3017 SE Milwaukie Ave., on Sunday, April 7. 8 pm. Sold out.