Scalping is the free market at work ["Ticket Masters," WW, April 17, 2013]. If you have something of value and someone is willing to pay for it, there's nothing wrong with that.

The problem is people like [Timbers fan Matt] Braddock, who are high and mighty and think the world revolves around them. If you don't like it, call the police.


Regardless if scalping is right or wrong, assault and jumping someone from behind is wrong altogether. The scalpers are getting to be more aggressive and harassing fans who are just walking by.


The scalpers have been getting in the way of attendees, screaming at the top of their lungs and making the entire area seem like it's filled with street preachers with something for sale. (Of course, they pretend they're buying.)

Please get the full story, Willamette Week. This is about a culture of a few turning ugly. The Timbers Army has simply grown weary of the lack of assistance from the city.

—"Frustrated Supporter"

I have no problem with scalpers. They are exploiting the free market like just about everyone else. If there is a buyer at $80 for a $25 ticket, then obviously the Timbers mispriced that ticket. Soccer isn't a community resource. It's a business.



I pay my credit-card bills every month in full ["The Enforcer," WW, April 17, 2013]. The bank makes very little money off of me. I am lucky to have a steady income stream and try and live within my means.

As much as I find [lawyer Daniel N.] Gordon repulsive, in a sense, I think the service he makes money from is a good counterbalance to those who are financially irresponsible.

—"Jurgen Procklater"

These debt collectors are not performing a public service. They prey on the least-sophisticated consumers, and take more than they are entitled to.

These consumers have no advocates except for a handful of attorneys like myself. Often their only recourse is bankruptcy. Don't feel sorry for these banks. They are making trillions and feeding off the scraps of the poorest consumers.

—"Lara Gardner"


It's about time we saw some comedy coverage in Willy Week! ["The Funny Glut," WW, April 17, 2013.] Portland's on the map when it comes to standup, and it's a shame to leave people in the dark about it.

I like that you went for the open-mic angle (do we really need yet another profile of this town's established comics?), but it might have been more objective to follow a regular mic-er. These sweaty-palmed, first-time narratives already clog the Internet like bacon grease.



What you guys are doing is great, and I hope to see many more bagel tastings in the future ["Keeping It Kosher," WW, April 17, 2013], but.... I work as a professional baker in one of the tested bagel bakeries and have friends in the others. I was scratching my head after reading that rabbis tested the bagels. They are not bakers, they are our beloved spiritual leaders.

So next time let bakers test [the bagels] under the supervision of a rabbi.

Mazel tov.


You neglected the best! Henry Higgins Boiled Bagels. While I love Bowery Bagels, they are a tad too gourmet/artisan for this girl from Brooklyn.


Blackheart Bagels are better than Henry Higgins or Kettleman. People are remembering Kettleman a little too fondly.

—"My Names"


Last week's cover story, "The Enforcer," incorrectly stated the Oregon State Bar has disciplined Eugene lawyer Daniel N. Gordon three times. The state bar has reprimanded Gordon once and admonished him twice. Bar officials no longer consider letters of admonition disciplinary actions. WW regrets the error.

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