Apparently, someone or something by that name played the Foggy Notion in March. That's all we know, but c'mon: You're just happy to live in a city where something called "Gazzookabazzookaz" exists.

It's befuddling that a band signed to the venerable Snot Boogie label, with song titles like "Never Play an Acoustic Set" and "Sucka Nuts," wouldn't receive more votes, but then, some of our "music insiders" are just more inside than others.

He's actually developed a bit of a rep in Portland's queer-rap scene, which means, in terms of obscurity, he is basically neck and neck with Beau Breedlove.

If you were hoping this was some kind of


tribute act, sorry, it's an instrumental jazz ensemble. For any bands looking for a good gimmick, though,


tribute act is still available!

Bone Voyagists

A Google search turns up no results, so we probably got trolled here, but no matter: If "Bone Voyagists" isn't a real band by this time next year, I'll be severely disappointed.