After years of rumors and speculation, once-dead Fox sitcom Arrested Development returns via Netflix later this month. To mark the occasion, Holocene is hosting an Arrested Development party with live music, banana drinks and a Bluth family costume party. In Portland, where so many conversations are peppered with references to the show, this could well be the social event of the season.

The problem: Arrested Development was known for building up inside jokes through its three seasons. And if you haven't seen the series, it's quite possible you'll embarrass yourself like Gob attempting a magic trick. This brief glossary may help you fake your way through it.

Analrapist: Tobias Fünke lists this as his profession. Pronounced "uh-NAL-ruh-pist," it means he's a combination analyst and therapist.

Annyong: The adopted Korean son of Lucille and George Sr., Annyong is sent to military school and later revealed to be a mole, spying on the Bluth family by hiding in their walls.

The Chicken Dance: Most every character in the show uses a different, memorable version of the Chicken Dance to mock one another. 

The Cornballer: A device beloved by the Bluth family that deep-fries cornballs. The Cornballer was made illegal after it caused serious burns. 

Franklin: Spewing offensive obscenities and racially stereotyped phrases, Franklin is Gob's African-American puppet who is often treated as a real person.

Her?: Often used to refer to George Michael's forgettable girlfriend, Ann Veal (question mark always included and necessary).

“I’ve made a huge mistake...”: A recurring phrase, most often used by Gob when he’s made a huge mistake. 

Les Cousins Dangereux: Dangerous Cousins, a French film that George Michael enjoys after he and Maeby discover it's about two cousins who secretly love each other.

Loose seal: Not to be confused with Lucille. This escaped seal with a yellow bow tie chomped off Buster's hand.

“Marry me!”: A phrase Maeby Fünke uses to deflect an unwanted conversation. 


Stair car: Formerly used to enter the Bluth family jet, which was sold when they went broke, this truck with a staircase on top becomes the Bluths’ only transportation, and is used to climb trees, escape from prison and knock down a homecoming banner.

“That’s what you get when...”: A phrase used after trying to teach someone a lesson, including but not limited to: “That’s what you get when you...don’t leave a note/try to teach George Michael a lesson.”

Winking: Done to emphasize a point, or to encourage you to drink more alcohol. 

An Arrested Development theme party is a great idea. Willamette Week knows: We threw one for a departing employee back in 2009. (WARNING: This slideshow features explicit Hot Cop action.)

GO: The Arrested Development party is at Holocene, 1001 SE Morrison St., 239-7639, on Wednesday, May 8. 8:30 pm. $5 advance, $6 day of show. 21+.