Oktoberfest gets a lot of column inches—the legislated purity of Bavarian beer, the goofy hats, the giant urinal troughs—while Maifest always gets short shrift.

And who does not excite himself over a Maibaum in the willage? Certainly not the folks at Zeitgeist Northwest, who are hosting a Maifest at Oaks Amusement Park on May 18, with a beribboned Maypole for the kids and some yodeling and some, you know, beer.

But there's one Maifest tradition they won't be observing: The hanging of the sausage. Back in olden times, the Germans hung sausage from the Maypole as a symbol of pride and industry vis-à-vis the stuffing of spiced meat into digestive parts.

Here's a short guide to the types of German sausage you can hang at home, from your home Maypole, for Maifest. Because if there's one thing Portland loves, it's old-school meat. Let your meat flag fly, Portland.

And of course no sausage is complete without its mustard. A taste test of Oregon mustards here.

GO: Maifest, a German-themed celebration of spring, is at Oaks Amusement Park, 7805 SE Oaks Park Way, on Saturday, May 18. 10 am-7 pm. zeitgeistnorthwest.org.