Portland music-scene fixture Joe Haege returns this week to premiere new 31Knots songs—which his own bandmate, Jay Winebrenner, will be hearing for the first time and giving commentary on from the stage. In anticipation, we asked the band to tell us about this photo of 31Knots playing a warehouse space in New York, circa 2004.

"I'm pretty sure this is the show where Joe pissed off some people with his 'going into the crowd' antics. Somehow, he stepped on someone's backpack, which contained a laptop that happened to belong to a music critic, who then bitched about it in his review of the show a day or so later. Joe emailed the critic and apologized, then the critic responded, saying something to the effect that he 'loved the show' or 'don't worry about it, friend,' which was completely contrary to his write-up. It made no sense."

—Jay Winebrenner, 31Knots guitarist

SEE IT: Joe Haege plays new 31Knots songs for Jay Winebrenner at Holocene, 1001 SE Morrison St., with Made for TV Movie, E*Rock, DJ Champagne Jam and DJ Safi, on Wednesday, June 12. 9 pm. $5. 21+.