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June 19th, 2013 12:01 am WW Culture Staff | Scoop

Scoop: Gossip Up All Night to Get Lucky.

scoop_3933THE MODERN MAN - IMAGE: vivianjohnson.com
  • GENTRIFYING KARAOKE: According to a liquor-license filing last week, the totally suite Voicebox karaoke lounge plans to double up with a 4,000-square-foot, eastside location in the old Spike’s auto garage space (726 SE 6th Ave.), next door to the planned site for Trifecta, Ken Forkish’s posh “bakery tavern.” That’s the second high-profile karaoke spot in that area this year. Blocks away, the Ambassador owners recently opened a massively expensive 8,000-square-foot karaoke palace called Trio Club (909 E Burnside St.), whose LED-dense interior looks sneakingly like the set of The X-Factor.
  • INCOMING: Staff at the Modern Man told WW that the ultra-masculine barber shop, known for handing out whiskey with shaves and haircuts, plans to open a train-themed bar and restaurant (as yet unnamed) at its just-minted Mississippi Avenue location (3956 N Mississippi Ave.), featuring a ticket booth, caboose and curtained booths styled after passenger-train compartments. >> Meanwhile, Michael Wolfson and Peter Webb of the recently closed Yes and No plan to reboot the space this summer as a “bar and micro-venue” called Black Book (20 NW 3rd Ave.), after interior renovations and the addition of a rear patio. 
  • BROKEN EGGS: Even before he wrote a defense of Shari’s, Arts & Culture editor Martin Cizmar had been fielding angry remarks about his omelet-related writing. Several important people expressed disappointment with his statement that Bijou Cafe’s French-style omelets are “a little pale, soupy and light on the cheese for my taste.” Among the aggrieved was Beast chef Naomi Pomeroy, who tweeted that Cizmar “should also know that an omelet need not be browned, nor stuffed full of cheese to be good.” Cizmar would like to clarify that he considers Bijou’s omelets to be a very good example of the French style, which he does not prefer.
  • CLICKY CLICKY: On this site Wednesday, we bid a fond Portland farewell to erstwhile music editor Casey Jarman, who will be taking over as the new managing editor of McSweeney’s terribly literate The Believer magazine in San Francisco, by posting our favorite Jarman stories from his WW tenure. >> Also look for Post-Hardcore Shuttle Stop,” our video from Sunday’s Warped Tour at the Expo Center loosely modeled after the VHS-era classic “Heavy Metal Parking Lot.” You’ll learn about the things kids are into today, which include a band called Hands Like Houses (“kinda like a techno—kind of—but with, you know, metal”) and something called Wall of Death (“The first Wall of Death I had, I got punched in the face and my tooth got chipped.”) >> WW music editor Matthew Singer posts his take on the 2013 PDX Pop Now lineup.
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