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June 26th, 2013 11:37 am WW Culture Staff | Scoop

Scoop: If Gossip Floats, it’s a Witch.

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  • BIGGER FLOAT: Portlanders are again attempting to set the Guinness record for world’s longest floating chain.” Last year, a failed attempt was made during the annual Big Float on the Willamette. On July 5, Will Levenson of Popina Swimwear will try to get at least 543 people to link arms while tubing the Willamette River to break the record held by an Italian town. Registration is $20, which includes a life jacket and safety-approved inner tube, at worldfloat.eventbrite.com. “With a week and a half of weather in the 80s, the Willamette River should be a little over 70 degrees when we go —which is a pretty respectable temperature,” Levensen says. The biggest remaining obstacle? Hangovers from July 4.
  • SEMI-PRO BREWING: Aaron Fabbri, co-owner of brewing supply shop Homebrew Exchange in North Portland, has an ambitious plan to partner with homebrewers. His plan is to add a taproom, small brewing facility, patio and falafel cart to his store, morphing it into the Crooked Bottle, a “community-focused brewery incubator” where enterprising homebrewers can make and launch their own brands. The homebrewers won’t be paid for their brewing, but Fabbri will split the profits from any beer he can sell, though “there’s not a whole lot of profit to be divided up.” Fabbri took out a second mortgage after renovating part of his store and needs to raise about $26,000 before he can purchase the necessary equipment. “We spent pretty much all the money we had available,” he says. His Kickstarter campaign, which ends July 1, still had a long way to go as of press time.
  • NEW ’WAY: After the closing of the neighborhood Safeway, Montavilla found itself with a bit of a grocery-store vacuum. No longer. Hong Phat Food Center has moved into Safeway’s old location at 101 SE 82nd Ave., and residents seem to have already discovered the Vietnamese market: It was so full on opening day, June 23, that it ran out of shopping carts and parking. Even the cheese section at Hong Phat, according to our WW operative, was “better than at the Safeway—at least, the Rogue Creamery cheese was cheaper.” In other Montavilla grocery news, a group called the Montavilla Food Co-Op is attempting to start a fresh, local and organic shop in the neighborhood and has launched a funding campaign on indiegogo.com.
  • NEW BRO: It looks like bustling Swedish brunch spot Broder intends to expand into the space of the just-shuttered Gotham Tavern (2240 N Interstate Ave.), according to a liquor-license application, despite brief rumors the space would be taken over by a former employee. In its heyday, the Gotham was a Portland food hot spot co-run by Beast’s Naomi Pomeroy. The Tavern then closed, reopened under new ownership and then closed again, winding out its run in May. According to the application, the new spot will be called Broder Nord.
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