Most weekend nights, Willamette Week writers cringe when someone asks, "Where do you work?"--never knowing whether the answer will prompt a pat on the back or a slap in the face.

On Saturday, May 17, however, cheers clearly outweighed the jeers as Team WW spanked its 18 competitors at the annual Excellence in Journalism awards, sponsored by the Greater Oregon Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists. While the Nose was snubbed for 2002, his colleagues picked up a total of 28 awards, including 13 first-place plaques in the 28 categories for non-daily papers.

Investigative Reporting

First: "Salina Worrell Was Robbed" (July 3), by Chris Lydgate

Third: "Scammed!" (June 19) by Nigel Jaquiss

Environmental Reporting

First: "The Coast Is Clearcut" (March 6), by Nick Budnick

Third: "Swimming to Astoria" (May 29), by Patty Wentz

Arts and Criticism

First: "The Talented Mr. Haynes" (Nov. 13), by Byron Beck

Honorable Mention: "The Greatest Portland Band...Ever?" (July 31), by Zach Dundas

Inside Page Design

First: "Sho Dozono's Rules" (Oct. 20), by Anne Reeser


First: Voter's Guide: "It May Not Be Sexy..." (May 8)

Religion and Values

First: "Out of Africa" (Oct. 2), by Amy Roe


First: "Anywhere, U.S.A." (Dec. 11), by Nigel Jaquiss

Sports Feature

First: "Tough Girl" (Jan. 9), by Zach Dundas

Science and Health Reporting

First: "Sense and Sinsemilla" (April 3), by Chris Lydgate

General Feature

Second: "Free the Elephants" (Aug. 28), by Amy Roe

Honorable Mention: Best of Portland (July 24), edited by Byron Beck

Business News

First: "Cargo Kings" (Oct. 9), by Chris Lydgate

Second: "Burning Questions" (June 5), by Nick Budnick

Social Issues Reporting

First: "Crossing the Line" (Feb. 6), by Nick Budnick

Honorable Mention: "The Duke of Dignity Village" (Sept. 18), by Nick Budnick


First: "Judge Dread" (July 10), by Nick Budnick

Third: "Professor Soundbite" (Nov. 6), By Amy Roe

Business Feature

First: "Pulp Radio" (Dec. 4), by Zach Dundas

Third: "The Incredible Shrinking Empire of Bob Pamplin," (Jan. 30) by Nigel Jaquiss

Reporting on Government

Second: "Can't Touch This" (Nov. 27), by Nick Budnick

Third: "Rubbish!" (Dec. 24), by Chris Lydgate & Nick Budnick


Second: "Swimming to Astoria," "Better Off Wed," "Sense and Sinsemilla," etc., by WW staff

General Column

Honorable Mention: "Queer Window," by Byron Beck


Honorable Mention: "I Ain't 'Fraid of No Ghost" (Oct. 30), by Kim Colton

Photo Page/Photo Essay/Photo Series

Third: "Swimming to Astoria" (May 29), photos by Basil Childers