In the video for "Gold Standard," off last year's Exotic Cakes LP, the Missouri transplants in Minden introduced themselves to Portland by stuffing their most hirsute member into a spandex unitard and having him vogue a choreographed Jazzercise routine over a slinky, keyboard-spangled lounge-funk groove. It was never clear just how seriously to take them, but the hooks were serious enough to make the group one of the more buzzed-over new bands in the city.

On this free four-song EP, Minden continues coming on like Phoenix with thicker chest hair. The title track spins and sparkles like a freshly pressure-washed disco ball, with frontman Casey Burge cooing, in a breathy, come-hither falsetto, "Sometimes it's good to do some wrong." "You're On the Edge" and "Keep Your Charm" ride the tight interplay between drummer Ryan Johnson and bassist Evan Houston, while "Trash Manor" floats on a cloud-bed of fluffy synths that wouldn't sound out of place on a mid-'80s adult-contempo R&B record. How much of this is delivered with ironic, leotard-clad poses in mind? At this point, does it even matter?

SEE IT: Minden plays the Rigsketball Show & Tournament Finals at Holocene, 1001 SE Morrison St., with the Woolen Men, Wooden Indian Burial Ground, Grandparents, the We Shared Milk, Mister Tang and DJ Devin Gallagher, on Wednesday, July 24. 6 pm. Free. 21+.