16th-Century London: Pilgrims to London would simply defecate into the Thames' sewer drainage.

21st-Century Silverton: 16 public port-a-potties.


London: Meat pies made of carrots, squash, potatoes and chicken.

Silverton: Roasted turkey legs and Umpqua rainbow sherbet.


London: Beer and imported wine were popular along with verjus, an acidic non-alcoholic juice made from unripe fruit.

Silverton: A beer tent will have local craft beer and Nectar Creek mead from Corvallis.


London: Worms in teeth? Major boil on forehead? Restore thy humors by bleeding off infection.

Silverton: Medical booth with trained EMT. 


London: City fortified by 30-foot walls and protected by catapults.

Silverton: Security will be wearing cavalier hats with blue and yellow feathers. 


London: Crowds thirsted for blood sports like bear-baiting and cockfighting.

Silverton: Jousting demonstrations at noon and 4 pm from a medieval theater company from Norco, Calif.


London: Bowl cuts, linen undershirts. 

Silverton: Face painting and henna.


London: Horse racing and whores.

Silverton: Belly dancers from Silverton.

Sources: John Ott of Portland State University's history department and Nancy White of Whitewind Farm in Silverton.

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