[Jeff] Cogen joins [Sam] Adams on a dirty laundry list—from U.S. Sen. Bob Packwood to Congressman David Wu—of Oregon’s politically elite men behaving like tumescent teens.



No, no, no. Packwood and Wu both engaged in unwanted sexual behavior. It was certainly sexual harassment, and in Packwood's case, at least one incident rises to—in my opinion—assault and attempted rape.

No matter what you think of the behavior that Cogen and Adams engaged in, one thing is crystal clear: It was consensual sex between willing adult partners.

Comparing Cogen and Adams to Packwood and Wu is utterly inappropriate.

—"Kari Chisholm"

Why is an alternative weekly concerned at all with the sex lives of politicians? It took me forever to figure out what the scandal about Cogen was even about.

There really was no scandal with Beau Breedlove; he's an opportunist with a preference for older men who used his advantage. WW was offended, personally, that Sam Adams lied to you about it (like Bill Clinton and Ken Starr, I'm not sure lying counts when the question ought not to have been asked), and then you decided to seek personal revenge by making it news.

Adams, by the way, could easily have been re-elected. The competition was pathetic.

—"Sean H"

Back to the pretzel cart, Jeff. Hire Sonia Manhas, and you'll have a staffer to put the salt on them.



The [cover teaser] on the newsstand edition read: "Jordan Schnitzer's Gal Pal Trouble." ["Puttin' on the Schnitz," WW, July 31, 2013.]

After reading the article, other than a raft of speculation and innuendo concerning the reputation of a woman I'd never heard of before, I must have missed the part about the "trouble" she's caused Mr. Schnitzer.

Furthermore, her reputation seems to involve people who live in California and/or New Zealand—so why was this story deemed by WW to be of compelling interest to Portlanders or Oregonians?

Could it have been a cheap-shot attempt to embarrass a prominent Oregon businessman and patron of the arts—and thereby boost readership?

Maybe the headline should have been changed to: "Editors of local liberal rag behaving badly."

That would have been spot-on.

—"tb thomas"

I've never been a defender of the rich, but that's what reading this trash article has made me. Arguably [the Schnitzer] family has done more for this town than any other in recent history.

[Jordan Schnitzer is] not running for public office. This is cheap. We all have our stuff; we all have our side of the story.


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