According to South Park, gingers have no souls. Others disagree:

Still,  the superstitious might want to stay away from Pioneer Courthouse Square on Aug. 17. The Redhead Event is an attempt by aptly named Portland software engineer Rusty Weise to break the Guinness World Records' mark for most redheads gathered in one place. It's for natural redheads only, and those wanting to attend have to prove they were born red with a photo of themselves as a child (and pay $10).

This made us wonder: Just how hard would it be for a fake ginger to infiltrate this gathering? Can you tell which of these celebrities are natural redheads, and which are frauds? Check your answers in the key below.

Click on image for a larger version:


Natural: Thomas Jefferson, Ewan McGregor, Julianne Moore, Former MAyoral Candidate Max Bauske. 

Unnatural: Christina Hendricks, Amy Adams, Ronald McDonald, David Bowie, Lucille Ball.

GO: The Redhead Event is at Pioneer Courthouse Square, 701 SW 6th Ave., on Saturday, Aug. 17. 2 pm. For more information, see