The artist once known as Snoop Doggy Dogg is enjoying a period of reinvention. This year, after visiting Jamaica, he put out a reggae album under the moniker Snoop Lion. He also released a mixtape of electronic music under the name DJ Snoopadelic. What's next? 

Snoop Wolf

Snoop starts reppin' Silver Lake and forms an indie band.

Snoopalope Slim

After one toke over the line with Willie Nelson, Snoop discovers he and Nelson have had the same hair for the last decade and moves to Austin for a country project.

SNPDG (pronounced "Broadus")

Snoop goes skateboarding with Skrillex, gets a bad idea.

El Snoopacabra

Snoop decides he wants to sing about drugs from the supply side. Learns to speak Spanish and play accordion.

Snoop Manatee

Snoop fills a mini-Coleman with wine coolers and explores the rest of the Caribbean while rocking very softly on his yacht.

Snoop Cat

Snoop takes up opium, starts doing long, improvisational scat solos.

Snoop Maggot

Angry with the 10 people who are richer than he is, Snoop joins the Occupy movement, sleeps in gutter, starts singing anarcho-punk songs.

Snoop Orc

Confused about the nature of "black metal," Snoop visits Norway, discovering a shared affinity for J.R.R. Tolkien and burning churches.

GO: Snoop Lion plays Roseland Theater, 8 NW 6th Ave., on Tuesday, Aug 27. 8 pm. $40-$55. All ages.