The questions I come away with ["'I'm Not Free From This Guy,"' WW, Aug. 14, 2013] are the same ones I always have for abortion opponents who devote their time and energy protesting and politicizing the issue:

Have you ever used that time and effort to help a female faced with an unexpected pregnancy?

Have you ever offered to help find housing, day care, employment, etc., in return for carrying the fetus to term?

Have you ever spearheaded an effort to find loving parents for the child of a female who is considering abortion but is willing to carry and give her baby up for adoption?

Or are you content spending your time politicizing, protesting and allegedly intimidating?

I don't know how many fetuses can be saved with protest and intimidation, but maybe you can save one at a time with genuine, compassionate effort.


It's a sad reality that Chuck [O'Neal] and Beaverton Grace Bible Church keep doing their part to destroy the name of Jesus in our community, only to gain fame.

I personally know individuals—both Christians and atheists—who have specifically blamed Chuck and Beaverton Grace Bible Church for either becoming spiritually stagnant or wanting nothing to do with Christ any longer.



Why is this even needed? ["The Big Bike Bailout," WW, Aug. 14, 2013.] The city already has an extensive bus, train and streetcar network, and is one of the most bike-friendly cities in the universe.

Most people who would ride a bike already have one, so what need does this serve? Tourists? There are already places to rent tourist bikes, including those annoying golf-cart things that are always in the way.


So, once again, to hell with everyone who isn't lucky enough to live in the Pearl, Southwest or inner Southeast Portland. So typical. Then again, had TriMet not eliminated Fareless Square, there might not be nearly as much a demand for a bike-share program.

—"Damos Abadon"


Oregonians have always been about pioneer spirit...freedom, personal choice and creating community in good times and bad ["The Queer Frontier," WW, Aug. 14, 2013].

I have faith that Oregonians all over the state will vote to "live and let live." It's who we are.


It's important to note that many in Eastern Oregon support gay marriage, and to not generalize about this entire region of the state. I have many friends in historic Condon who support gay marriage.


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