This is the most ridiculous thing I've heard in months ["Brides Denied," WW, Aug. 28, 2013]. A gay bar bans a newlywed gay couple from celebrating equality, freedom and love?

CC Slaughters, you owe this couple and their entire wedding party a round of drinks and a public apology.

—"Michael Romano"

I work at a straight bar downtown, and we have never discriminated against gay couples, guys or girls. So why would a gay club have rules against straight couples? That's the very definition of hypocrisy.

I would assume the bar is in business to make money, so why deny possible patrons because they are wearing wedding dresses? If it's a drunken bachelor or bachelorette party, and they are being unruly, sure, tell them they are too intoxicated. But if they are just looking to have fun, what the hell?

It's just CC Slaughters being stupid. This is gonna cost 'em.


I'm having trouble seeing discrimination through the thick haze of inconsiderateness and lack of planning that seem to surround the issue.

This seems like it would have been sorted out easily if the brides had contacted the venue ahead of time, let them know they intended to have a marriage-related event and discussed the bachelorette-party policy with owners.

If a venue owner has implemented a policy, the staff often does not have the power to interpret, ignore or violate the policy.



A PERS deal could deflate anti-union sentiments and avert the class warfare that accompanied the passage of 2010 tax increases ["Grand Bargain Basement," WW, Aug. 28, 2013].

Yeah, right. As if the rich fat cats would ever stop bashing public employees. The rich and their corporate-media toadies will continue union-bashing as long as we have unions, regardless of whether there is PERS or any health/retirement benefits left at all.

It is absurd to suggest there's anything we could do to get the rich to happily pay their fair share and stop trying to keep all working people's wages as low as possible. Get real!



This info-graphic represents a lot of effort to prove something…but what? ["Hydro Clogs," WW, Aug. 28, 2013.] That people should be grossed out by the (perfectly safe) open reservoir system?

Maybe we should do a series of bacterial cultures on WW's office refrigerator and put that in a big, colorful info-graphic just to, you know, gross people out.

Although I suspect you all would get a kick out of that.

—"Mike A."

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