Around the corner from the Hop & Vine and the Naked Sheep, at the crossing of Killingsworth and Gay, you may find yourself at The Lost & Found (5426 N Gay Ave., 477-7313, After sundown, the bar is almost invisible from the street except for a spacious patio (which, unlike the Adidas-heavy Old Gold nearby, allows smoking). Indoors, however, it's sunny until 2 am. The bunker-brick walls are painted the colors of ocean and sky, and sport cheery lamps made of suitcases, with shapes cut out for deer, bears and inadvisable airplane procedures. Other lampshades are made of cymbals. A brightly painted, 3-foot-wide cross section of a tree stump—hanging precariously over the broad-but-not-deep selection of booze—turns out to be Styrofoam. The bar's art, says the bartender, was made by the mom of one of the owners. The almost garishly bright natural wood grain on the posts and rear booth was made by a dude with patience and a blowtorch. Meanwhile, a ceiling support advertises $3 boozesicles (vodka lemonade, rum guava, both "nice on a hot day") and $3 koozies. The food is 100 percent quesadilla, and the sickly sweet house cocktails are named after Ron Burgundy, Kenny Powers and each of the Golden Girls. The Girls, it turns out, drink juice and Champagne—except Dorothy, who goes for Tecate with Sriracha and bloody mary mix. Does this mean, we wonder, that Tecate makes you celibate? The bartender pauses for a moment. "You know that's not true."