Ari Shapiro

NPR's faux-hawked White House correspondent croons the Spanish ballad "Yo te Quiero Siempre," which is basically the West Hills yoga-mom equivalent of a

50 Shades of Grey


Philippe Katerine

Katerine is a French pop singer with a '70s porn 'stache who dresses like Capt. Stubing. Apparently, his own songs are quite subversive, so perhaps it's just my own lack of culture talking, but all I imagine when listening to his duet with China Forbes is a bunch of mimes eating baguettes.

Meow Meow

The "post-post-modern" cabaret singer, who performed with Thomas Lauderdale at the Schnitz as part of this year's TBA Festival, purrs "I'm Waiting for You," which is sure to become for the burlesque scene whatever the last Buckcherry single was for strippers.

The Von Trapps

The descendents of the

Sound of Music

clan join Rufus Wainwright for a version of "Kitty Come Home," originally performed by Kate and Anna McGarrigle, Wainwright's mother and aunt, respectively. It is disarmingly pretty, but then, Rufus could make the Gwar songbook sound bequeathed by angels.


Phyllis Diller
The late comedienne opens Get Happy with what’s touted as “her last recording,” singing a creaky version of “Smile,” a song written by “a friend of hers,” Charlie Chaplin. Quick, someone get Lauderdale on the phone with Larry King, before it’s too late!

HEAR IT: Get Happy is out Tuesday, Sept. 24, on Heinz Records.