I am a relatively new Hannah the Pet Society member ["One Sick Puppy," WW, Sept. 11, 2013]. The reason I joined is for the awesome veterinary care. I was apprehensive at first, but wanted assurance that if my pet ever needed care, I would be able to provide it without stressing out about huge, unexpected veterinary bills.

Sorry if I am a bit of a cynic, but the reason the vet in the article stated he stopped working with Hannah was he felt he was not being paid enough, and the claim that Hannah is the one overly concerned with profit is kind of laughable at that point. Let's face it, businesses go into business to make a profit.

I have never had better pet and veterinary care than with Hannah veterinarians. They respond immediately to my concerns, and if my pet needs something, it is given. No stress for me. And my puppy has thrived on the food provided.

I think this article is a bunch of hogwash.

—"Chanel Forbes Silvis"

I don't understand the advantage of Hannah. How is this better then using a pet insurance company? Buying food is not really that confusing or a hassle, and you can get wellness packages that cover nonmedical costs. There is something nice about actually owning my pet.


I have been a client of Hannah for some time. I started out with one dog three years ago, and recently got a second. I have found the membership fees to be more than reasonable considering the food, medical and training services we have received.



What a fundamental misunderstanding of comedy and the comedy community to continue reviewing open mics—nights set aside for comedians to workshop and try new material with very little stage time ["24-Hour Arty People," WW, Sept. 11, 2013].

It sounds quite petty, especially when there are well-produced or painstakingly put-together comedy shows in Portland almost every night of the week that could use exposure or support.

—"Lucia Fasano"


I understand Ruth Brown's point that going to see The Act of Killing and taking on the burden of knowing about these horrible acts and horrible people is the least we can do, but I still can't bring myself to go ["Movie review: The Victor's History," WW, Sept. 11, 2013].

However, if someone is starting a PayPal fund to hire some pros to assassinate these monsters, I'm good for a C-note. Jeez, where's Dexter when you need him?

Rhonda Reedy

Southeast Portland


I wonder how [Blazers public-address announcer] Mark Mason feels about this ["Adios, Las Chalupas," WW, Sept. 11, 2013]. He no longer gets to say, "CHHAAAA-LUUU-PPPPPAAAA!"


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