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Nardwuar vs. Mikhail Gorbachev (1993)

Proving early on that he can ask the tough questions of political figures as well as musicians, a young Nardwuar finagled his way into a press conference and probed the former Soviet leader about which world leader has the biggest pants. He was quickly ejected.

Nardwuar vs. Kurt Cobain (1994)

Nardwuar has a few interviews left to scratch off his bucket list, including Neil Young and Bill Clinton, but he did manage to get Cobain just a few months before his death. If it's not Cobain's final taped interview ever, it's probably his last in Canada, Nardwuar says.

Nardwuar vs. Blur (2003)

In the most infamous Nardwuar clip, drummer Dave Rowntree attempts to intimidate the much smaller Nardwuar, then steals his glasses and signature tam. Rowntree issued a public apology eight years later, blaming his cocaine addiction.

Nardwuar vs. N*E*R*D (2008)

No artists seemed as genuinely floored by Nardwuar's encyclopedic knowledge of their own career as Pharrell Williams, who called their first meeting "the most impressive interview" he's ever done, and hooked him up with Jay-Z (who was less impressed).


Nardwuar vs. Snoop Lion (2013)
Any of the encounters Nardwuar has had with Snoop over the years are worth watching. Initially, Snoop made a habit of stealing the props Nardwuar would bring to spur conversation (a Whispers record, a Redd Foxx doll), prompting Nardwuar to start presenting the items as gifts to his guests instead. But the two have developed quite a hilarious rapport, to the point that Snoop now refers to Nardwuar as “my Howard Cosell.”

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