Metro consultant Tom Hazinski told a City Club audience during a debate Sept. 6 that Portland is different from other cities. “There’s a sense of vibrancy and place other cities have a hard time manufacturing,” Hazinski said.



Exactly what is this "vibrancy" we keep hearing about? Portland has it, and has enough of it to lure conventioneers away from Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Vancouver, B.C., Phoenix? Sure we do.

The $17 million that the Nines stiffed the city for is going to look like chicken feed when the dust finally settles on this boondoggle.

I can't believe Portland voters are such suckers and continue to elect the same irresponsible morons over and over again. Pitiful.

I don't have a problem with hotels and conventions and tourism. I welcome all of that. But I don't want one thin dime of my taxes going to subsidize it. I think most people in this town agree with me.



"I don't appreciate public involvement when it really doesn't matter," [City Commissioner Amanda] Fritz says. "People have been angry and say, 'Even if we don't want it, you're still going to do it.' Yeah, that's true." ["Unhappy Campers," WW, Sept. 18, 2013.]

Funny, I doubt this was her attitude when she was seeking votes for election. What a typical hypocritical politician.

—"Jeff Johnson"

It's nice how Fritz decided, pretty much immediately after getting elected, that without the threat of a re-election, she'll just do whatever the heck she wants for the next four years.

—"David Johnson"


Two possibilities here: Detective Jason Lobaugh either ignored the absolute prohibition against contact between witnesses and jurors, or didn't know about it ["Tamper Tantrum," WW, Sept. 18, 2013].

For a 22-year veteran of the force, both are inexcusable. He should be fired.


If any regular citizen were to pull this stuff, they'd be facing jail time and court fines, unquestionably. However, a cop does the same and he gets a stern warning from the judge.

—"Damos Abadon"


Thanks for the public service of the week ["Muddy Waters," WW, Sept. 18, 2013]. The PDX Superfund cleanup is one of the most important environmental activities in our state, and this article is a real eye-opener for voters to learn that our supposed environmental hero has PCB-laced feet of clay and a major conflict of interest.

U.S. Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.) needs to know how this appears to his constituents and that it is not ethically acceptable behavior in an elected official.

—"SE Smith"

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