I don't see any problem with Harry Merlo contributing to efforts to make the Water Bureau into a public utility district ["Mystery Man Revealed," WW, Oct. 2, 2013]. I do have reservations about who controls Bull Run.

Surrounding municipalities have their eye on that water (beats the cost of cleaning up Willamette water). Also, the devil is in the details. How would a PUD be controlled, and effectively, who would end up controlling the board?


I know Harry Merlo personally, and this attack piece goes to show how low and misguided WW has become as any legitimate source of news.

Nice way to put a character assassination on a kind, old man who only wants good and does great things for our community. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

—"Jeremiah William Johnson"

The reality is that this is how two seemingly opposite-sided interests can find common ground. It is no different than the fluoride debacle. It is exactly what we as voters want Washington, D.C., to do as well.

So thanks for letting us know the money, but you could have couched this in more informative ways and not as a left-wing attack on a conservative.

—"Troy Haliwell"

This article reads like something Rash Limbo might have put together: jive. If you can't make your case with relevant facts, then just assassinate your opponent's character.



Congrats to Sara Sneath and Evan Johnson on a terrific essay ["City of Bridges," WW, Oct. 2, 2013]; kudos to WW for some nice multimedia work.

I liked the surprise of the "centerfold" shot of the St. Johns later in the issue, and the quiz was a nice—and informative—touch.

—"Brian Burk"

You left out a bridge. What about the Burlington Northern Railroad Bridge between the St. Johns and Fremont bridges? It has one of the highest lift spans in the U.S.



"He's rejected fewer than one in 10 hold requests by [U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement] since last spring." ["No Thaw in Jail's Chill," WW, Oct. 2, 2013.]

If the feds pay, why reject any hold? Aren't law-enforcement bodies supposed to cooperate?


Maybe the sheriff wouldn't have overspent his budget if he'd charged the feds what these holds actually cost the county.


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