I am not persuaded this is a clear-cut matter that requires a criminal process ["A Visit From the TriMet Squad," WW, Oct. 30, 2013]. TriMet police are going a bit too far, and this response is disproportionate.

I am prepared to give a latitude to Lane Jensen, to the extent that he has raised some reasonable concerns. What I find impressive is that the political leaders and other relevant decision-makers at TriMet seem little interested to politically engage and cultivate Jensen.

They appear to want to beat him down and swat him. The longer-term success here is to bring him around as constructively as they can. Without doubt, it would be hard work, but it would demonstrate leadership.

These kind of people do not disappear. Even after this process comes to an end, his frustration will remain.

TriMet reminds me of a lot of other large institutions that do not feel they have to be accountable. This arrogance does not serve our community well.


Being annoying is not a crime.



Your recent article ["Who Needs Chalupas?", WW, Oct. 30, 2013] could have been better titled "Who Needs a Budget?" Decent seats, parking, game program, eats and drinks—you need a down payment and terms.

Portland is notorious for being a low-wage, high-cost-of-living kind of town for anyone who's survived here awhile. When the Timbers jumped to MLS, they effectively priced me out of the "futbol" market. All major-league sports are increasingly for the haves rather than the nots. Who wants to burn $100 (or more) to take a girlfriend to one regular-season game?

Wages are stagnant, living-wage jobs scarce, the economy sluggish. My point is, this article would be better suited for the Lake Oswego Gazette [sic], or some such yuppie rag. Still, it was somewhat interesting to read how people are willing to throw away their money for very little in return.

The Blazers aren't going anywhere with a group of recycled journeymen. The coach and general manager are great, however. I think a new owner would be a better step toward a future championship.

—"Starvin' Marvin"


Last week's story "A Visit From the TriMet Squad" incorrectly stated several details of blogger Lane Jensen's text messages to TriMet spokeswoman Roberta Altstadt. The messages he sent June 12 were to Altstadt alone, not to several managers; he sent them every 30 minutes, not every five minutes. When Jensen texted Altstadt again Oct. 15, a transit police officer questioned Jensen the same day, not the next day. Jensen claimed he obtained Alstadt's home phone number from TriMet documents. His blog claimed he found it in a news story unrelated to TriMet. WW regrets the errors.

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