wine writer Katherine Cole has a new book out that demystifies the often confusing information on wine bottles from Italy, France and Portugal. We enjoyed her

but discovered, to our shock, that it's not actually complete. Even as Cole explains that the "RM" on Champagne bottles means


("grower-producer") and the elongated shape of a riesling bottle is called a "hock," other wines remain mysterious. For example, Night Train Express.

no longer publicly acknowledges its connection to the fabled fortified wine, and has ignored our requests for information. But we've done our best to help you crack the code. Staple this page to the back of Cole's

Complete Wine Selector,

and you'll have a guide that's actually complete.

Click on image for larger version:
Bridge, Evan Johnson; Night Train, E&J Gallo


GO: Katherine Cole will appear at Pastaworks on Hawthorne, 3735 SE Hawthorne Blvd., on Saturday, Nov. 16. 2 pm. Free. Night Train Express is available at Tobacco Town and Albertsons.