After Sam Adams, Charlie Hales is a godsend ["Goofus & Gallant Go to City Hall," WW, Nov. 6, 2013]. I don't care if he never does anything but balance the city's budget.

Adams became a maniac after announcing his intention not to seek re-election, and the subsequent pace of new, needless government intrusions in the city became very frustrating until he left office. So, the radical slowing of new government measures under Hales is simply lovely from my perspective.

I say eight or more years like this one, especially if the mayor truly has dropped his plan to double the tax on our utility bills and increase gasoline taxes. The city could slow the streetcar binge, and throw those monies to sidewalks and road maintenance.

We don't want a more active mayor and City Council. We'll be living with the baggage left behind by the last mayor for a decade or more as it is.

—"Bob Clark"

Hales hasn't done crap, and in fact this is our fault because he ran as the "I'm not the outgoing guy." Portland has only Portland to blame for electing this guy.


I judge Hales by the results I see in my neighborhood. Major road repairs/repaving have taken place in East Portland. Thanks, Charlie, for delivering results that matter to ordinary people.


It would appear that Portland got what it deserved—a great bullsh** artist who does nothing but talk a good game. Hales is an idiot, and everyone knew it but elected him anyway.



The Portland Police Association and its president, Daryl Turner, are a disgrace to the community ["One Cop's Exes and Uh-Ohs," WW, Nov. 6, 2013]. Oh, really, [Jason Lobaugh] didn't break the law, Mr. Turner?

I thought speaking to jurors is against the law. I know domestic abuse is against the law. I guess since Lobaugh is a Portland cop he has different rules from what is considered breaking the law.

—"Anthony Blake"

The Portland Police Association is a huge part of the problem. Its first and only instinct is to point the finger at everyone except a bad cop in these kinds of situations.

—"Mister Viddy"

"He doesn't have an anger problem," Daryl Turner says. "He has a problem picking wives."

It's a blame-the-victim attitude from the PPA.

Sound anything like what we are seeing with the Miami Dolphins?

—"John Retzlaff"

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