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There's still time to do everything right this Christmas.

Put in a little effort now and you can make this the year you present your dearest relations with thoughtful and useful gifts—while doing your part to support Portland's still-rickety economy.

Soon—very soon—it will be too late. 

You may find yourself in a rush to buy gifts for people you forgot you love. You may end up gifting someone a bottle of Oregon pinot noir from Rite Aid. You may grab the last Tootsies blanket—it's like a Snuggie, but with feet holes instead of arm holes—from Walgreens. If you don't watch out, it's even possible you'll find yourself scrambling out of a Plaid Pantry with Funyuns and lottery tickets.

Willamette Week wants to help you avoid that. 

So we offered some of Oregon's best local manufacturers and retailers the chance to tell you what they're most excited about this holiday season. They paid for the opportunity to appear here, but they also have spent more time and effort—much more—than the rest of us thinking about what will work best for you this gift-giving season. The result is a handy reference, a catalog of mostly Portland-centric goods that's a lot like what you'd learn from walking around town chatting up our city's shopkeepers over the next week.

Except you're still inside, where it's warm. How nice.

Good luck and act fast: There's still time, but not much of it.

(For PDF versions of the print editions of Gift Guides 1 and 2, click here and here, respectively.)


Art Director: Dylan Serkin

Advertising Director: Scott Wagner

Advertising Designer: Xel Moore

Copy Editor: Rob Fernas 

Photographer: Matt Wong

Laser Woodcut Cover & Headers: James Aloysius