“El Cascabel”

("The Bell")

It's actually been done before, and we have actually started a Metalachi arrangement of it,


is not ready. It would sound good because it is in a minor key and is aggressive.

“La Malagueña”

Another beautiful song in a minor key, and it uses the falsete! But in a metal style, you can scream instead. Screamers get lots of chichis.

“Amaneci Otra Vez Entre Tus Brazos”
(“Woke In Your Arms Again”)
This is a good song because you can get laid with this one—es very romantical.

“El Rey”
(“The King”)
This is a macho song, about being macho. It is a good song to just let your balls hang out.

“Como Quien Pierde Una Estrella”
(“Like Someone Loses a Star”)
Because Alejandro Fernández gets a lot of chichis in his punk face. It has a good melody to translate to metal styles, and also makes the chicas wetter than blue-whale vagina.


"Crazy Train" by Metalachi


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